ETH Price Analysis: Is Ethereum Price Heading To $2000?


18 Sep 2023 7:41 AM

Amidst the volatile market, ETH price emerges resilient, clutching firmly to its pivotal $1,500 support zone. Even with sharp market moves, Ethereum's...

  • Ethereum's recovery rally is poised to challenge the short-term downtrend.
  • A bullish breakout of the resistance trendline could push the ETH price to $2000.
  • However, a reversal from the trendline could cause ETH to drop to $1500.
  • Despite market volatility, Ethereum has remained resilient above the $1500 support zone.
  • Last week, ETH climbed to $1600, but saw a small drop of 1.5% over the weekend.
  • The daily graph shows a bearish "death cross," but Ethereum is showing promise with a 0.49% rise.
  • The RSI indicator suggests a potential bullish breakout, while the MACD indicator avoids a bearish entanglement.
  • Ethereum's price rally may face resistance at the 50-day EMA and the short-term resistance trendline, but a breach could lead to a return to $2000.
  • Conversely, a drop below $1600 may pull Ethereum back to the $1500 threshold.

The article provides a mix of positive and negative sentiment. It highlights the potential for a bullish breakout and Ethereum's resilience, but also mentions the bearish "death cross" and the possibility of a drop in price.

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