Bitcoin Creating Ripples with a Rise in Exchange Wallet Holding-How Important Is This for BTC Price Rally?


20 Nov 2023 1:42 PM

Bitcoin continues to gain mainstream attention as its proponent gets elected as the President of Argentina. Along with this, some other factors point towards the resurgence of a bullish trend, which may elevate the price to $40,000...

  • Bitcoin is gaining mainstream attention as the President of Argentina is a proponent of cryptocurrency.
  • Several factors indicate a resurgence of a bullish trend, potentially pushing the price to $40,000.
  • The BTC price has been displaying strong bullish momentum and has found resistance at $37,500.
  • Bullish candles have been printed for the past five weeks, a rare occurrence in the past three years.
  • On-chain indicators show a significant increase in BTC held by crypto exchange wallets, with a monthly increase of $1.16 billion.

The article has an overall positive sentiment, highlighting the bullish momentum of Bitcoin and the increase in investor confidence in centralized exchanges.

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