Avalanche (AVAX) Price Soars 200% in 30 Days! Is the Super Cycle Over or a Calm Before the Storm?


20 Nov 2023 6:04 AM

Avalanche prices soared nearly 200% indicating the growing momentum among the bulls projecting the start of a strong altseason...

  • AVAX price has experienced a significant rally, jumping from $8.77 in October to $24.69 in November, a 200% increase.
  • The rally was driven by several factors, including exciting announcements about Avalanche 2.0, partnerships with major institutions, and positive market sentiment.
  • The increase in core metrics such as contracts deployed, transactions, and DEX volume further contributed to the price surge.
  • Several projects under development are expected to benefit from the liquidity resurgence and positive market sentiment.

The article expresses a positive sentiment towards the AVAX price rally, highlighting the reasons behind the increase and the potential for further growth.

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