Arbitrum Breaks Down Its Crucial Levels! ARB Price To Record New Low Soon?


18 Nov 2023 9:23 AM

The ARB price has recorded a loss of over 7% within the past day, making it one of the top losers for the day. Arbitrum displayed a massive...

  • The crypto industry is experiencing a negative trend due to delayed Bitcoin spot ETFs approval.
  • Arbitrum's price has decreased by over 7% in the past day, making it one of the top losers.
  • The token had a significant price increase of over 30% in the past month.
  • After trading in a narrow range, Arbitrum's price broke out and reached multiple resistance levels.
  • The price gained momentum and increased by over 20% in the following week.
  • It then traded in a consolidated range before jumping 15% and being rejected at a resistance level.
  • The price has since displayed volatility and broke down an important support level.
  • The MACD indicates strong selling power and suggests the price will continue to decline.


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