Golteum's (GLTM) Announces Groundbreaking Move To Join Chainlink BUILD 


29 Jun 2023 10:24 AM

In a very exciting announcement, Golteum has joined Chainlink via the BUILD program which would allow it to leverage both technical and marketing support...

  • Golteum has joined Chainlink via the BUILD program to leverage technical and marketing support.
  • Golteum is a blockchain-based platform that tokenizes physical gold and other precious metals.
  • Golteum aims to be a trusted trading platform for precious metals investing.
  • As part of the BUILD agreement, Golteum will allocate 4% of its native token supply to Chainlink service providers.
  • Chainlink's proof of reserve mechanism and oracle framework will benefit Golteum's ecosystem.
  • Golteum gains access to Chainlink's alpha and beta releases for product advancements.
  • Chainlink's decentralized oracle network enhances the security and reliability of Golteum's platform.
  • Automation capabilities of Chainlink streamline processes and improve user experience.
  • Golteum integrates Chainlink's Verifiable Random Function for secure and fair random numbers.
  • Golteum's smart contract has undergone scrutiny and certification by Certik for security.

The overall sentiment of the article is positive, highlighting the benefits and advantages of Golteum joining Chainlink and leveraging its services.

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