Coinbase Sued Alongside DerivaDAO (DDX) And Rally (RLY)


30 Jun 2023 1:05 PM

The intense regulations and scrutiny by the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) have led them to sue US largest Exchange, Coinbase, for trading...

  • The US SEC has sued Coinbase for trading unregistered securities, including DerivaDAO (DDX) and Rally (RLY).
  • Uwerx, a new platform in the freelancing industry, is gaining popularity with its innovative features and benefits for token holders.
  • Uwerx has launched its Alpha version with ten features and plans to transition to the Beta version soon.
  • The WERX token has seen a significant increase in value, providing profits for early users.
  • The Uwerx team has implemented measures to ensure transparency and prevent rug pull.
  • DerivaDAO (DDX) has struggled to perform well after being listed as an unregistered security by the SEC.
  • Rally (RLY) is planning to shut down as a result of regulatory challenges.

Overall, the sentiment in the article is mixed. The SEC's actions against Coinbase and the listing of DerivaDAO and Rally as unregistered securities have a negative impact. However, the introduction of Uwerx and its innovative features, as well as the success of the WERX token, bring a positive sentiment.

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