Powered by Friend.tech, Base gets off to a solid start


17 Sep 2023 12:30 PM

More than a month since its launch, Base has done full justice to the hype and one could safely say that it has exceeded expectations....

  • Base, the scaling solution launched by Coinbase, has experienced remarkable growth in the Ethereum layer-2 (L2) landscape.
  • Base's on-chain activity has surpassed established names like OP Mainnet and Arbitrum, according to IntoTheBlock.
  • Base has been recording more transactions than any other L2 in operation, with a significantly higher tally than the top two rollups.
  • Base has the highest transaction throughput and is the fastest L2, despite a slight decline in efficiency.
  • Base dominates the optimistic category of rollups, accounting for 60% of all addresses that used optimistic rollups.
  • The total value locked on Base's L2 has risen to $386 million.
  • The primary driver behind Base's on-chain traffic is the decentralized social app, Friend.tech.
  • Friend.tech allows users to make money from the popularity, credibility, and social value of creators and influencers.
  • The unique model of Friend.tech has attracted a large number of users and resulted in a significant increase in liquidity and trading fees.

The article portrays a positive sentiment towards Base and its growth, highlighting its dominance in the Ethereum layer-2 landscape and the success of the decentralized social app, Friend.tech.

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