Melania Trump issues $50 NFTs ahead of Independence Day

The Block
The Block

29 Jun 2023 6:40 PM

Former first lady Melania Trump isn't giving up on her NFT dreams as she issues "The 1776 Collection," selling July 4th-themed tokens for $50 each....

  • Melania Trump is selling "The 1776 Collection," a batch of 3,000 digital tokens for $50 each.
  • The collection can be purchased using digital wallets or a credit card.
  • If all tokens are sold, it would raise $150,000.
  • Melania and Donald Trump have previously offered NFTs to the public, with the "Trump Digital Trading Cards" collection being the most successful, generating over $26.3 million in trading volume.
  • Melania has also released other collections such as "The American Christmas Collection," "The POTUS Trump NFT Collection," and "Melania's Vision."

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