Paradigm's Matt Huang says AI can't be ignored, still excited about crypto

The Block
The Block

27 Jun 2023 9:21 PM

Paradigm co-founder Matt Huang is curious about artificial intelligence. He also said the venture capital firm has "never been more dedicated to crypto."...

  • Paradigm co-founder Matt Huang is interested in artificial intelligence and excited about crypto investments.
  • The venture capital firm is moving beyond a pure blockchain focus to work on a broader array of "frontier tech" that includes AI.
  • Huang believes that crypto and AI will have plenty of overlap and the firm is excited to continue exploring.
  • Many participants in the crypto space are already augmenting products with AI, including ChatGPT, Etherscan, and Solana Foundation.
  • Outlier Venture founder and CEO Jamie Burke believes that AI has always been integral to their vision for web3 since 2018.

The article has a positive sentiment as it highlights the excitement and curiosity of Paradigm co-founder Matt Huang and the venture capital firm towards artificial intelligence and crypto investments. It also mentions the positive developments in the crypto space with the integration of AI in various products.

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