Polygon zkEVM looks to overtake Base, more inside


19 Sep 2023 2:30 PM

As Polygon zkEVM fell behind Base, the former introduced a host of network updates. Will these updates help spur zkEVM and turn things around in MATIC's favor?...

  • Polygon's zkEVM has experienced a decline in network activity and key metrics like active addresses.
  • Coinbase's L2, Base, has surpassed zkEVM in terms of performance.
  • Polygon has released network updates, including a recent rehash and resync, and an upcoming Dragon Fruit Upgrade that will support the latest Ethereum opcode, PUSH0.
  • These updates aim to support the growth of Polygon zkEVM and potentially turn the situation around in its favor.

The article highlights the decline in Polygon's zkEVM network activity and key metrics, but also mentions the network updates that could potentially improve its performance. The sentiment is neutral, with a hint of optimism for the future.

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