Cøbra Can't Fight $700K Craig Wright Legal Fees as an Anon, UK Judge Rules Again


19 Sep 2023 1:01 PM

The pseudonymous Bitcoin.org operator lost an appeal on a November ruling that said he cannot challenge legal fees from the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor while remaining anonymous....

  • A London High Court Judge has upheld a ruling that the operators of Bitcoin.org, including Cøbra, must reveal their identity to avoid hefty legal fees from Craig Wright, who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin.
  • Wright served legal papers on Cøbra in April 2021, accusing them of infringing his rights by publishing the white paper of Bitcoin.
  • Cøbra was ordered to take down the white paper from the website after failing to appear in court.
  • When Cøbra tried to challenge the legal fees requested by Wright, a judge ruled that they had to identify themselves.
  • Cøbra's appeal against the ruling was dismissed by the London High Court Judge, who stated that their reasons for remaining anonymous were "not only unworkable but also risked undermining the very principles of natural justice."
  • Wright is involved in multiple lawsuits over the Bitcoin whitepaper and claims of being Satoshi.
  • The next steps, including whether Cøbra has to pay the legal fees, are yet to be determined.

The sentiment of the article is negative towards Cøbra's fight to remain anonymous and highlights the legal challenges faced by operators of Bitcoin.org.

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