Crypto Update | Potential for a Bitcoin ‘Seasonal Surge’ and Nevada Files to Place Prime Trust Into Receivership


28 Jun 2023 5:37 PM

Bitcoin continues positive signaling with some analysts predicting a year-end target price of $45k....

  • Nevada has filed to place crypto custodian Prime Trust into receivership.
  • The EU has published a digital euro bill that includes privacy controls and an offline guarantee.
  • Australia is taking action against de-banking of crypto entities and supports policy recommendations to address the issue.
  • Creditors of BlockFi have filed to liquidate the estate, accusing the lender of squandering millions.
  • Bitcoin bulls are preparing for a seasonal surge, according to Matrixport.
  • The price of Brent Crude Oil is provided in the BRN00 market overview on MarketWatch.
  • Bitcoin is maintaining a price of $30K in Asia, as the economy is not yet breaking.

The sentiment of the article is mixed, with positive sentiment regarding Bitcoin bulls preparing for a seasonal surge, but negative sentiment towards the actions taken against Prime Trust, de-banking of crypto entities, and the accusations against BlockFi.

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