Crypto Update | Navigating Token Listings and Delistings in the Crypto World with Host Noelle Acheson


18 Sep 2023 5:24 PM

Noelle Acheson, author of the Crypto Is Macro Now newsletter, discusses new crypto rules from New York’s state financial regulator, and official support for token financing in Japan....

  • The article discusses various news stories related to the financial and cryptocurrency markets.
  • The European Central Bank (ECB) may delay any further interest rate hikes until spring.
  • Citi predicts that the recent rally in oil prices will not last due to increased supply from sources outside of OPEC+.
  • China has lifted temporary restrictions on gold imports as the renminbi currency recovers.
  • New York regulators plan to implement higher standards for coin listings and delistings.

The sentiment of the article is mostly neutral, as it presents factual information without expressing a strong positive or negative opinion.

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