Microstrategy Now Holds Over $4.6B Worth of Bitcoin; Ledger's Institutional Moves


28 Jun 2023 8:31 PM

The most valuable crypto stories for Wednesday, June 28, 2023....

  • Michael Saylor's MicroStrategy has purchased over 12,000 bitcoins for $347 million in the past two months.
  • Ledger, a crypto custody firm, has launched an enterprise-grade trading platform targeting institutions.
  • The European Commission has released legislative plans for a digital euro.
  • The floor prices of Chiru Labs' Azuki NFT collection have recently dropped.

The article covers a mix of positive and negative news in the crypto world. The positive news includes MicroStrategy's bitcoin purchases and Ledger's new trading platform. However, the negative news involves the falling prices of the Azuki NFT collection.

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