Podcaster and Renowned Attorney Expose SEC Chair’s ‘Dirty FTX Secrets’

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

17 Nov 2023 5:17 PM

A prominent attorney has criticized the SEC chairman for leaving the industry in limbo and overlooking fraudulent enterprises like FTX and Celsius....

  • Attorney Gerard Scimeca accuses SEC chairman Gary Gensler of biased crypto regulation.
  • Scimeca claims that Gensler overlooks fraud entities like FTX and Celsius while pursuing legitimate firms like Ripple.
  • He criticizes Gensler for not establishing expected crypto regulation and leaving the industry in a state of uncertainty.
  • Scimeca highlights the lack of clarity from the SEC regarding its dealings with Ripple Labs.
  • He contrasts Gensler's focus on companies like LBRY and Ripple with his alleged negligence towards fraudulent firms like FTX.

The sentiment of the article is negative towards SEC chairman Gary Gensler, accusing him of biased regulation and negligence.

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