PEPE Re-Enters Top 100 Rankings as $500K Token Distribution Begins - Is It Bullish for Price


20 Nov 2023 2:00 PM

PEPE price gained 10% over the weekend. Here's how investors could react to the free $500,000 token distribution plan....

  • The price of the meme coin PEPE increased by 10% over the weekend as crypto whales invested millions in it.
  • On-chain analysis shows that whale investors holding 10 trillion to 100 trillion PEPE tokens have been accumulating more tokens, indicating they are positioning for further gains.
  • The PEPE team has moved 418 billion tokens, worth approximately $500,000, into the Binance wallet for distribution to users through various campaigns, which could trigger bullish action among retail investors.
  • The GIOM data suggests that if bullish whales continue to hold and the upcoming campaign boosts retail traders' sentiment, the PEPE price could reach $0.000002.

The sentiment in the article is generally positive, highlighting the capital inflow from crypto whales, the positive impact on PEPE price, and the potential for further price increase due to the upcoming token distribution and retail investor participation.

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