OPTI Emerges as Promising Meme Coin for Crypto Investors

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

25 Apr 2023 11:59 AM

Crypto investors are drawn to Optimus AI (OPTI), a promising meme coin with a growing community. Read more on Coin Edition....

  • OPTI is a promising memecoin with a rapidly growing community and ambitious development plans.
  • The community is highly active, regularly hosting raids and meme competitions, and engagement levels are at an all-time high.
  • OPTI currently trades at $0.39 and has a consistent volume of around $35,000,000 market cap.
  • New core team members have been announced, including a Senior Advisor with billion-dollar market cap project experience, driving positive sentiment.
  • OPTI has added an AI telegram bot and launched the Optimus Venture funding program for high-caliber projects and start-ups, redistributed as revenue share to OPTI holders.
  • OPTI is available on multiple centralized exchanges including LBank, Bitget, Gate.io, Hotbit, and MexC, generating excitement for the future of the meme coin.

The article has a positive sentiment towards OPTI, highlighting its growing community, development plans, and stability in a turbulent market. The addition of new core team members and the launch of new programs have also boosted optimism around the memecoin.

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