Expert Forecasts XRP’s Impact On Ripple’s IPO And Balance Sheet


18 Sep 2023 11:10 AM

Ripple's IPO discussions gain momentum with potential influence from XRP's valuation. Currently, XRP holds no value on Ripple's balance sheet. Linda P....

  • Ripple's IPO discussions are gaining momentum, with potential influence from the valuation of XRP.
  • Currently, XRP holds no value on Ripple's balance sheet.
  • Linda P. Jones suggests that Ripple's valuation could experience tenfold growth, similar to Coinbase's IPO.
  • If Ripple assigns a value to XRP, its overall valuation could significantly increase.
  • Ripple's recent legal win and announcements about celebrations in New York have fueled speculation about an IPO.
  • Ripple's valuation was $9.8 billion in 2019 and rose to $15 billion after a repurchase of shares in 2022.

The article discusses the potential impact of XRP's valuation on Ripple's IPO discussions. It highlights the possibility of significant growth in Ripple's valuation and the potential investment opportunities if XRP's value is recognized. The overall sentiment is positive, focusing on the potential benefits for Ripple and XRP.

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