OpenAI Board Mulls Sam Altman’s Return As Worldcoin (WLD) Recovers From Price Slump


19 Nov 2023 1:00 PM

Multiple reports state the board of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has been in talks with ousted CEO Sam Altman to return to the company....

  • OpenAI's board has been in talks with ousted CEO Sam Altman about a potential return to the company.
  • Altman was abruptly fired due to a lack of honesty in his exchanges with the board, leading to criticism from the tech community.
  • Several senior staff members, including the company's president, have resigned in reaction to Altman's dismissal.
  • Microsoft and other OpenAI investors are advocating for Altman's reinstatement, putting pressure on the board.
  • An agreement in principle for Altman's return and the resignation of current board members was reportedly reached, but the board appears to be backing out.
  • Altman is said to be working on a new company and has been invited by Cardano founder Charles Hopkinson to collaborate on a decentralized large language model.
  • After a brief decline following Altman's dismissal, the altcoin Worldcoin (WLD) has rebounded and is showing positive performance.

The article contains a mix of negative and positive sentiments. The negative sentiments include the criticism of OpenAI's board, the abrupt firing of Sam Altman, and the potential departures of more staff members. The positive sentiments include the possibility of Altman's reinstatement, the support from investors, and the rebound of Worldcoin's price.

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