Niche Ripple (XRP) Use Case You've Never Heard About


18 Sep 2023 11:45 PM

Ripple's XRP has mostly been touted as a means for cross-border payments part of the XRP Ledger. But it appears that people have found some interesting,...

  • Ripple's XRP has been primarily used for cross-border payments on the XRP Ledger.
  • However, people have discovered interesting and unexpected uses for the cryptocurrency.
  • Other coins like BTC and ETH could also serve the same purpose.
  • TapJets, a company offering private jet booking services, accepts XRP as payment.
  • XRP solves the "Friday Night Problem" where customers can't pay for services through banks on Friday nights.
  • TapJets is similar to Uber but for flights, allowing users to reserve a jet almost instantly.
  • XRP can be used to pay for fuel, pilots, flight attendants, and airport fees.
  • TapJets' acceptance of XRP is possible because blockchain systems operate 24/7.

The article highlights interesting and unexpected uses of Ripple's XRP, showcasing its versatility and potential. The tone is positive and optimistic about the cryptocurrency's capabilities.

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