ATOM Holds 18% On Weekly Chart While Major Coins Lost Profit

Jammy Hunts
Jammy Hunts

16 Mar 2023 3:10 PM

While top coins retraced a bearish trend and lost most of their weekly gains, Cosmos (ATOM) held on by 18.29% last week....

  • Cosmos (ATOM) held on by 18.29% last week while top coins retraced a bearish trend and lost most of their weekly gains.
  • ATOM recorded successive rallies over the past seven days, bringing it to its current price of $12.59.
  • The crypto market saw a brief relief from a long-running bearish trend caused by fear and uncertainty among investors, partly due to the reassurance from the US Fed’s interference to calm the situation.
  • The latest version of Cosmos SDK could influence ATOM’s price since it opens the ecosystem to high-performance applications.
  • ATOM price is down by 0.73%, with a 31.57% decline in trading volume, suggesting that most of ATOM’s gains came from the previous days’ rallies.
  • ATOM is still in an uptrend today, despite recording a slight pullback. Cosmos has posted three previous green days forming higher highs on the daily chart and confirming the uptrend.

The article has a generally positive sentiment towards Cosmos (ATOM) and the cryptocurrency market, with mentions of successive rallies, improved sentiment, and a long-term bullish signal.

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