Wormhole execs depart Jump Trading to run protocol independently: Bloomberg


17 Nov 2023 6:15 PM

A report from Bloomberg claims that Wormhole’s CEO and chief operating officer left Jump Trading to run Wormhole independently....

  • Jump Trading has spun off cross-chain protocol Wormhole as an independent entity.
  • CEO Saeed Badreg and COO Anthony Ramirez have left Jump Trading to run Wormhole independently.
  • Wormhole was hacked for $320 million in 2022, and Jump Crypto stepped in to replace the funds.
  • Jump Crypto was able to recover the stolen funds from the Wormhole attack.
  • Jump Crypto acquired Certus One in 2021, leading to the acquisition of the Wormhole bridge.
  • Jump Crypto has faced scrutiny for alleged backdoor deals, with its president pleading the fifth during a deposition by the SEC.
  • A class-action lawsuit filed in May alleged that Jump earned around $1.3 billion from manipulating Terra.

The sentiment of the article is mostly negative, as it discusses the hacking incident, scrutiny faced by Jump Crypto, and the class-action lawsuit.

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