What to Know About Ether, the Mysterious NFT Project Two Years in the Making


30 Jun 2023 8:39 PM

After two years in the making, the Ether project is finally coming to fruition, captivating Web3 with its long-awaited debut....

  • The Ether project is finally launching after two years of work.
  • The first phase of minting has begun, but it is only available to allowlist holders.
  • The public sale will start in a week, offering each NFT at a price of 0.65 ETH.
  • Those on the allowlist can mint at a price of 0.35 ETH or for free with a 10-week lockup period.
  • The supply breakdown is 10,000 NFTs, with 8,000 for public allocation, 1,750 for allowlist allocation, and 250 held in the treasury.
  • The funds raised will be used to expand the Ether team and support charitable causes.
  • The founders of Ether, visionofviii and CV, have experience in digital art and trading.
  • Ether aims to be a luxury brand that offers immersive experiences in the anime, fashion, and music realms.
  • The collection includes 10,000 unique collectibles with diverse themes and customization options.
  • The market response and performance of Ether as a digital luxury brand are yet to be seen.

The article overall has a positive sentiment, with enthusiasm and anticipation expressed for the launch of the Ether project and its upcoming public sale.

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