Web3 Watch: Nouns DAO-funded movie releases second installment


18 Nov 2023 2:00 PM

WEB3 WATCH: Plus, Web3 games are migrating (mostly to Polygon, Immutable and Arbitrum), and Bitcoin Ordinals are seeing a resurgence....

  • The Rise of Blus, an animated movie funded by the Nouns DAO, released its second installment.
  • The movie has a budget of $3 million and is produced by Atrium, a crypto-native animation studio.
  • The studio's founder provides on-chain updates and publishes scripts for transparency.
  • The movie's animation style is similar to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
  • The movie has a crew of 45 people and an estimated final budget of $2.78 million.
  • Five out of eight chapters have been funded, with the next three episodes to be released over the next eight months.
  • The movie follows a boy named Gi who wants to be an adventurous "rover" in the floating city of Blus.
  • The movie features Nouns NFTs' signature "Noggles" and introduces the fictional substance named ether.
  • Crypto may not matter much to the animators funded by the DAO's treasury, as they are focused on artistic freedom and new use cases enabled by crypto.

The article provides a positive outlook on the funding and progress of The Rise of Blus, highlighting the transparency and unique funding model of the Nouns DAO. It also mentions the success of previous chapters and the potential for the full movie to be completed.

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