Security firm dWallet Labs flags validator vulnerability that could affect $1B in crypto


21 Nov 2023 8:38 AM

A representative from InfStones told Cointelegraph that the vulnerability that was disclosed recently has already been resolved back in July. ...

  • Blockchain security firm dWallet Labs has identified a vulnerability that could potentially impact up to $1 billion worth of cryptocurrencies, including Ether (ETH), Aptos (APT), BNB (BNB), and Sui (SUI).
  • The vulnerability was found in validators hosted by InfStones, an infrastructure provider.
  • Exploiting the vulnerability would allow an attacker to acquire the private keys of validators across various blockchain networks, giving them full control over the staked assets.
  • InfStones denies that the bug could affect $1 billion in assets, stating that it only affects a small fraction of the live nodes they have launched.
  • InfStones has resolved the vulnerability, conducted internal reviews, had a security firm audit their systems, and launched a bug bounty program.

The article highlights a vulnerability discovered by dWallet Labs that could potentially impact a significant amount of cryptocurrency assets. InfStones denies the severity of the vulnerability and claims to have resolved the issue. Overall, the sentiment is neutral, with concerns about the vulnerability and reassurances from InfStones.

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