The US dollar? Yeah, that’s a Ponzi scheme


17 Nov 2023 3:17 PM

Opinion: We are blessed by Satoshi and Vitalik to have the best chance of excising the tumor that is the State from what money should be....

  • The article discusses the lack of choice in modern monetary systems and the inability to opt out.
  • It highlights the risks of having assets seized by the state and the powerlessness of individuals in the face of economic decline.
  • The article mentions the growing national debt, deficit, and the nature of the dollar as a multi-generational Ponzi scheme.
  • It explores the connection between entropy, money, and the state, emphasizing that no human institution has lasted forever.
  • The decline of empires, such as the Romans, is used as an example to illustrate the vulnerability of monetary systems.

The sentiment of the article is negative, expressing concerns about the lack of choice, vulnerability of monetary systems, and the potential negative consequences for individuals.

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