Ubisoft's Nostalgic Leap into NFTs: Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil Characters Enter The Sandbox

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21 Nov 2023 11:52 AM

The Assassin’s Creed maker is launching a new set of NFT avatars for The Sandbox for 120 SAND each, enabling players to earn SAND through gameplay....

  • Ubisoft, the gaming giant behind Assassin's Creed, is launching a new set of non-fungible token (NFT) avatars for the game The Sandbox.
  • The avatars will be sold for 120 SAND each, with a discounted price of 90 SAND during the allowlisting stage.
  • Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network, will also launch a collection of futuristic cyberpunk player avatars as NFTs.
  • The avatars are part of a limited edition set called "Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix" and include characters from various Ubisoft franchises.
  • Registration for the allowlist will last from November 21 to 27, with the mint date set for November 29.
  • The avatars will be playable inside The Sandbox metaverse and offer Play&Earn opportunities for SAND and NFT rewards.
  • After the initial sale, players will be able to buy avatars from users on the OpenSea marketplace.
  • Eden Icons holders will receive an Eden care package.

The article provides information about Ubisoft's launch of NFT avatars for The Sandbox game and Polygon's launch of cyberpunk avatars. The tone of the article seems neutral, focusing on the details and features of the avatars.

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