There’s too much trust in zero-knowledge tech


20 Nov 2023 2:24 PM

Opinion: There shouldn’t be heroes in Web3 — no technology should be put on a pedestal....

  • Zero-knowledge (zk) technology in Web3 is often put on a pedestal, but it is still new and has flaws.
  • Blindly trusting zk technology without understanding its problems is risky for the future of Web3.
  • Currently, zk technology is more of an add-on feature rather than a fundamental support for on-chain execution.
  • There is a growing knowledge gap between zk builders and Web3 users.
  • Optimizing time-to-market without compromising project integrity is a challenge in zk tech development.
  • Learning domain-specific languages (DSLs) for zk proofs and circuits is a knowledge-intensive process.
  • Configurability is a challenge, as necessary upgrades require complete overhauls of systems.
  • Zk-enabled projects are working on solutions to simplify the building process for developers.

The article highlights the need for a cautious approach towards zero-knowledge technology in Web3, emphasizing the importance of understanding its flaws and potential drawbacks. It also acknowledges the challenges faced in zk tech development but remains optimistic about the ongoing efforts to simplify the process for developers.

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