The world’s biggest Bitcoin conferences: Decentralize with Cointelegraph


30 Jun 2023 12:25 PM

The latest episode of Decentralize with Cointelegraph delves into the two largest Bitcoin conferences....

  • The article discusses two Bitcoin conferences: Bitcoin 2023 in Miami and BTC Prague in the Czech Republic.
  • Despite the bear market, both conferences saw a significant number of attendees, indicating the continued interest and belief in Bitcoin.
  • The conferences focused on topics such as the future of Bitcoin inscriptions and the rise of "toxic" Bitcoin maximalism.
  • The goal of both conferences was to promote greater Bitcoin adoption.
  • The participation of United States presidential candidates, companies like eToro, and Stanford professors suggests the mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin and crypto.
  • Attendees were enthusiastic about networking and connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The sentiment of the article is generally positive, highlighting the resilience and enthusiasm of Bitcoin believers despite the bear market.

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