Move Over Rollbit ($RLB), TG.Casino ($TGC) Raises $2.5m as Whales Rotate Into New Telegram GameFi Sensation

Crypto News
Crypto News

18 Nov 2023 2:09 PM

Move over Rollbit as GameFi sensation TG.Casino raises $2.5 million after pulling in $300,000 in one day. Buy today before sellout....

  • TG.Casino, a GameFi sensation, has raised $2.5 million in funding after raising $300,000 in one day.
  • The token, $TGC, is in its ongoing presale with less than 50% of tokens available to buy.
  • TG.Casino offers advantages over competitors like Rollbit, including the ability to earn passive income through staking and a percentage of daily profits going towards token buybacks.
  • The presale price of $TGC will increase in three days, so there is a limited time to grab the lowest available prices.
  • Key opinion leaders and influencers in the Web3 space have endorsed $TGC, leading to increased interest and investment.
  • On-chain analysis shows a rotation of funds from Rollbit into TG.Casino, with a whale investor purchasing and staking $TGC.
  • TG.Casino is gaining traction in the DeFi Gaming space, with its Telegram-based platform attracting users without the need for KYC.
  • TG.Casino offers a superior product compared to competitors like Rollbit and, with its own token, staking, passive income, and higher roller rewards.


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