South Korean Golf Star Lee Ye-won Wins Crypto Prize at Tour Event

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Crypto News

20 Nov 2023 12:30 AM

The South Korean pro golfer Lee Ye-won has scooped a crypto prize worth over $457,000 by winning a KLPGA Tour event in Busan....

  • South Korean pro golfer Lee Ye-won won a KLPGA Tour event in Busan and received a crypto prize worth over $457,000.
  • The event was sponsored by WeMade's crypto and blockchain gaming subsidiary.
  • Lee was awarded 250,000 WEMIX tokens instead of fiat prize money.
  • WeMade provided a total of 1 million WEMIX tokens as prize "money" for the tour.
  • NFTs were distributed to golfers who made the cut for the second day of the event, and NFT tickets were issued.
  • WeMade faced delisting of its WEMIX coin due to irregularities in data about the number of coins in circulation but has since relisted it on two exchanges.
  • WeMade aims to restore its reputation and establish itself as the leading gaming-related token in South Korea.
  • Crypto and golf have had a mixed relationship, with some golf clubs accepting Bitcoin payments and a crypto community attempting to buy a Scottish golf course.
  • The South Korean golf world was shocked when a former national golf team coach was accused of bribing crypto exchange officials to list an altcoin.

The article provides a positive outlook on the success of Lee Ye-won in winning the KLPGA Tour event and receiving a crypto prize. It also highlights WeMade's efforts to regain support for its token and the mixed relationship between crypto and golf.

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