Solana Blockchain Games Thrive on the Epic Games Store – Next Big Thing?

Crypto News
Crypto News

19 Nov 2023 5:00 PM

The number of Web3 games on the Solana blockchain has grown substantially amid the spike in the network's native token over the past month....

  • The number of Web3 games on the Solana blockchain has increased significantly.
  • Solana currently has over 125 games, making it the fourth most popular blockchain network for game developers.
  • Star Atlas, a sci-fi MMORPG, and Aurory, a fantasy RPG, are two games that have chosen Solana for their tokens and NFTs.
  • Yaku, a social metaverse game, and Chain Crisis, a cyberpunk shooter, are also supported on Solana.
  • Angelic, a sci-fi RPG, uses Solana and Ethereum for optional NFT elements and emphasizes fair gameplay.

The article provides positive news about the growth of Web3 games on the Solana blockchain and highlights several exciting games in development.

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