Scaramucci Accuses Sam Bankman-Fried of 'Hurting' Crypto Industry in the U.S

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Crypto News

30 Jun 2023 12:53 PM

Sam Bankman-Fried “really hurt the industry in the United States from a regulatory perspective,” Anthony Scaramucci has said....

  • Anthony Scaramucci, venture investor and former White House communications director, believes that FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has hurt the crypto industry in the United States from a regulatory perspective.
  • Scaramucci claims that Bankman-Fried embarrassed politicians by giving them money and then causing a major situation, leading to a harsh crackdown on crypto regulation.
  • Scaramucci praises Canada for regulating the crypto industry in a fair and collaborative manner, working alongside industry players and legislators.
  • He also acknowledges Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) as a leader in the space, giving him an A for execution and growing Binance, but a lower grade for transparency.
  • Scaramucci mentions that despite the SEC lawsuit, no criminal wrongdoing has been proven against Binance.

The sentiment of the article is mixed. Scaramucci criticizes Bankman-Fried and the resulting regulatory crackdown in the US, but praises Canada's approach to crypto regulation. He also gives a positive assessment of CZ's leadership but suggests room for improvement in terms of transparency.

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