Sam Altman's OpenAI ouster sees rollercoaster Worldcoin price


20 Nov 2023 6:01 AM

Worldcoin (WLD) prices dropped over the weekend as Sam Altman was outed from OpenAI, but tapped a four-month high late on Nov. 19 as reports emerged the AI firm was looking to bring him back....

  • Worldcoin (WLD) experienced significant volatility after Sam Altman, the founder of the project, was ousted from OpenAI and then replaced as CEO of Worldcoin.
  • WLD reached a high of $2.48 on November 16 before dropping to a low of nearly $1.84 after Altman's departure from OpenAI.
  • The token bounced back, surging 12% to reach an intraday high of $2.54 during Asian trading, but dropped to $2.30 after Altman was replaced as CEO by Emmett Shear.
  • Worldcoin is a digital identity platform aiming to build a World-ID and financial system using retina scanning technology.
  • The launch of Worldcoin sparked controversy within the crypto community, raising concerns about centralization, privacy, and security.
  • AI-related crypto assets, including WLD, have been performing well, with the market capitalization of AI-related tokens rising by 7.2% to $6.5 billion.

The sentiment in the article is mixed. There is volatility and controversy surrounding Worldcoin due to Sam Altman's ousting from OpenAI and the concerns raised by the crypto community. However, there is also positive performance in AI-related crypto assets.

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