Russia: Felons’ Bitcoin Sales Are Money Laundering

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Crypto News

29 Jun 2023 6:00 AM

Russia’s Supreme Court has ruled that criminals’ Bitcoin (BTC)-to-fiat trades can be considered money laundering. Find out more!...

  • Russia's Supreme Court has ruled that Bitcoin-to-fiat trades by criminals can be considered money laundering.
  • The ruling came in a case involving a man who sold narcotics for Bitcoin and converted it into fiat rubles.
  • Initially, the lower court acquitted him of money laundering charges, but the High Court upheld the original verdict.
  • The Supreme Court interpreted the relevant section of the Criminal Code to include all financial transactions involving proceeds of crime.
  • Prosecutors presented evidence of the drug dealer using technological tools to hide the source of the money.
  • This ruling is likely to set a legal precedent and make seizing and liquidating tokens easier in future crypto-related cases.

The sentiment of the article is negative, as it discusses criminal activities involving Bitcoin and the implications of the Supreme Court ruling.

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