Ripple's XRP Advocate John Deaton Shares Unprecedented Financial Advice on Social Media


20 Nov 2023 7:07 AM

Ripple's XRP advocate, John Deaton, known for his outspoken opinions and insights on social media, interviews, and blog posts, recently took an...

  • John Deaton, a prominent XRP advocate, recently offered direct financial advice on social media, breaking from his usual pattern of commentary.
  • He advises against purchasing assets based on FOMO-triggering news and suggests that such moments are the time to sell.
  • Deaton shares his strategy of buying cryptocurrency before the onset of FOMO and selling at its peak, using the example of XRP's price surge before Judge Analisa Torres' verdict in the Ripple-SEC case.
  • He warns against buying fake news and emphasizes the potential for losses instead of gains.
  • Deaton's shift to offering direct financial advice marks a new approach in his social media engagement, providing specific strategies for navigating the volatile cryptocurrency market, particularly concerning XRP.

The overall sentiment of the article is positive, highlighting John Deaton's expertise and his new approach of offering direct financial advice to navigate the cryptocurrency market.

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