Ripple Vs SEC: Attorney Deaton Reveals How Summary Ruling Will Be Announced


29 Jun 2023 9:35 AM

The Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit is coming to an end, and everyone is eagerly waiting for Judge Analisa Torres to make her decision on the summary judgment. This...

  • The Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit is reaching its conclusion, with Judge Analisa Torres expected to issue a summary judgment.
  • Attorney John Deaton, a supporter of XRP, revealed that Judge Torres will make the ruling publicly available in the court's official records.
  • The judgment will be released in a similar manner to previous rulings in the case.
  • The court is taking measures to ensure confidentiality and prevent insider trading by potentially sharing the ruling with the involved parties shortly before it becomes public knowledge.
  • If any party is dissatisfied with the summary judgment, they may choose to appeal the ruling, potentially taking the case to the Supreme Court.

The sentiment of the article is neutral, providing factual information about the ongoing Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit and the expected release of the summary judgment.

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