NYDFS Proposes New Guidelines on Listing and Delisting Crypto on Trading Platforms

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18 Sep 2023 7:07 PM

The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDSF) seeks to introduce new guidelines on the listing and delisting of digital assets by venture capital entities....

  • The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDSF) has proposed new guidelines for the listing and delisting of digital assets by venture capital entities.
  • The guidelines aim to protect investors, address emerging issues, and stay ahead of changes in the fast-paced sector.
  • Superintendent Adrienne Harris emphasized the department's commitment to keeping pace with industry developments and protecting consumers and markets.
  • The proposed rules cover areas such as risk assessment, price manipulation, liquidity, and disclosure requirements.
  • Exchanges must submit their coin-delisting policies for approval before self-certification.
  • The rules apply to all firms, regardless of whether they have coin-listing criteria for self-certification.
  • Exchanges must maintain records for regular reviews and follow the DFS's recordkeeping template.
  • Assets removed from the "greenlist" will not be instantly removed from exchanges to prevent market chaos.
  • VC entities must establish governance structures for decision-making and voting on policies.
  • Risk assessments in various areas, including cybersecurity and market liquidity, must be conducted by all firms.
  • NYDSF has been a key regulator in the New York financial markets since 2015 and has issued over 30 BitLicenses.

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