Nocturne brings private accounts to Ethereum


17 Nov 2023 5:13 PM

The first mainnet version of Nocturne has limited functionality, but CEO and co-founder Luke Tchang says more is in the works....

  • Nocturne, a protocol for private accounts on Ethereum, has launched its first version on mainnet.
  • Users can deposit or receive funds privately using stealth addresses.
  • Nocturne smart accounts are compatible with DeFi protocols that represent state via output tokens.
  • The protocol plans to extend compatibility to arbitrary protocols using zero-knowledge technology.
  • Nocturne aims to embed privacy at the account layer and provide secure transactions for all users.
  • The current version of Nocturne allows deposits, token transfers to burner addresses, and private swapping and staking.
  • Future versions will include a proof-of-innocence protocol and enhanced functionality with arbitrary smart contracts.

The article presents the launch of Nocturne's first version on mainnet and highlights its potential for enabling private transactions on Ethereum. The sentiment is positive, emphasizing the protocol's compatibility with DeFi and future plans for enhanced functionality.

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