New Zealand Central Bank Prefers Minimal Crypto Regulations


30 Jun 2023 11:14 AM

New Zealand's existing laws have taken a progressive step, identifying cryptocurrency as property. With this classification, the country's central...

  • New Zealand's Reserve Bank (RBNZ) has classified cryptocurrency as property, increasing scrutiny over crypto-assets and stablecoins.
  • The RBNZ does not currently plan to implement additional regulations, but emphasizes the need for vigilance and data collection.
  • Feedback from the public highlighted the risks and opportunities of crypto-assets, leading to a cautious approach.
  • Global cooperation is seen as crucial for effective regulation, with other nations potentially setting best practices.
  • The RBNZ is collaborating with other agencies and maintaining dialogue with industry stakeholders.

The article discusses New Zealand's approach to cryptocurrency regulation, highlighting the need for vigilance and data collection. The sentiment is cautious and emphasizes the importance of global cooperation and collaboration with industry stakeholders.

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