Microsoft, Salesforce, and Nvidia swoop in to hire OpenAI employees as walkout threats increase


21 Nov 2023 4:42 PM

OpenAI's firing of Sam Altman has led to a tense standoff between workers and the board as a majority of employees threaten a walkout. Meanwhile Microsoft and others are poised to go on a hiring spree if the walkout happens. ...

  • OpenAI's decision to fire CEO Sam Altman has put the company's future in jeopardy.
  • A majority of employees have threatened to walk out unless the ousting is reversed.
  • Executives from big tech organizations, including Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott and Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff, have offered jobs and matching compensation to OpenAI employees considering leaving.
  • The turmoil comes after OpenAI's successful release of the "ChatGPT" product and a reported valuation of $86 billion.
  • As of the article's publication, 700 out of 770 employees have signed a letter signaling their intent to walk out if Altman isn't reinstated.
  • Speculation suggests that the employee walkout could have a significant impact, including the possibility of a hostile takeover by a larger firm like Microsoft.
  • OpenAI's board and newly-hired CEO Emmett Shear are engaged in discussions with employees and stakeholders to resolve the situation.
  • Microsoft's hiring of Altman for a new AI division could complicate matters for OpenAI.

The article highlights a challenging situation for OpenAI, with the firing of the CEO leading to employee unrest and potential negative consequences for the company's future.

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