Mark Cuban loses nearly $900k on crypto wallet MetaMask


18 Sep 2023 9:47 AM

Mark Cuban believes he installed a counterfeit MetaMask wallet, potentially exploited by a scammer to pilfer his cryptocurrency....

  • Mark Cuban, billionaire and "Shark Tank" star, fell victim to a hack in the crypto space.
  • His crypto wallet experienced losses of approximately $870,000 across various cryptocurrencies.
  • On-chain sleuths noticed the unusual draining of his wallet and alerted him, preventing further losses.
  • Cuban confirmed the hack and suspected that he downloaded a counterfeit version of the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet.
  • He transferred $2 million worth of USDC to Coinbase after becoming aware of the attack.
  • Cuban mentioned that the hack occurred while he was cleaning up his account using his phone.
  • Only the hacked account suffered losses, and his other accounts remained unaffected.
  • Proper self-custody of crypto assets is crucial, and users should verify the publisher information when downloading browser extensions.

The article describes a negative event where Mark Cuban fell victim to a crypto hack. The sentiment is negative due to the financial losses incurred.

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