Ledger Hardware Wallet Firm Launches Institutional-Grade Trading Network with Major Crypto Partners

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Crypto News

29 Jun 2023 6:00 PM

Hardware wallet maker Ledger has entered the institutional trading market with custodial trading platform TRADELINK....

  • French hardware wallet maker Ledger has launched the custodial trading platform Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK.
  • The platform aims to revolutionize custodial trading by providing an open network for seamless trading through partnerships with major crypto exchanges, custodians, and platform providers.
  • Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK offers off-exchange trading with regulated custodians and access to renowned exchanges and OTC brokers.
  • The platform ensures enhanced security and transparency through Ledger's unique shared governance framework.
  • It allows fund managers to manage crypto assets and collateral across multiple custodial partners, minimizing risk exposure.
  • Ledger's technology eliminates network lock-in risks and simplifies the trading process, ensuring predictable costs for institutions.
  • Early-stage access to Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK will be available to existing Ledger Enterprise clients at no additional cost.

The article highlights the launch of Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK, a custodial trading platform that aims to revolutionize trading in the crypto market. The platform offers enhanced security, transparency, and risk management features. The sentiment is positive, emphasizing the benefits and advantages of the new platform.

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