Landmark Report: Canadian Lawmakers Advocate for Comprehensive Blockchain Strategy

Crypto News
Crypto News

29 Jun 2023 9:45 AM

Canadian lawmakers' recent report has recognized blockchain, crypto, and mining as innovative industries with "significant, long-term" potential, in need of better regulation....

  • Canadian lawmakers have released a report recognizing blockchain, crypto, and mining as innovative industries with significant long-term potential.
  • The report emphasizes the need for better regulation to attract investments and drive innovation in the Canadian economy.
  • The report includes 16 recommendations, such as establishing a national blockchain strategy, creating a sandbox for testing technologies, adopting distinct regulations for stablecoins, and promoting access to banking and insurance services for blockchain firms.
  • Coinbase has praised the report, describing it as "landmark" and "promising," and highlighting the government's willingness to collaborate with the crypto/blockchain industry.

The sentiment towards the report and its recommendations is positive, with Coinbase describing it as "landmark" and "promising."

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