Alameda amends complaint against Grayscale as co-plaintiff search continues


18 Sep 2023 8:15 PM

Though Alameda Research had sought to add plaintiffs to its legal fight against Grayscale, it was the only one listed in a Friday complaint....

  • Alameda Research, a debtor affiliate of FTX, has amended its claims against Grayscale Investments in a legal fight.
  • Alameda remains the only plaintiff listed in the amended complaint, as it was unable to assemble co-plaintiffs.
  • However, Alameda plans to continue engaging with shareholders to recruit more support and may amend the complaint again.
  • The original complaint aimed to get damages and injunctions requiring Grayscale to reduce its annual fee and offer redemptions.
  • Alameda dropped fee-related claims and now focuses solely on the request for redemptions.
  • Several shareholders expressed willingness to participate in the suit, but not enough came forward to meet the 10% threshold set by Grayscale.

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