Bitcoin-friendly Javier Milei wins Argentina presidential election


20 Nov 2023 1:35 AM

The pro-Bitcoin and anti-central bank Javier Milei won Argentina’s presidential election recording 55% of the votes against rival Sergio Massa, the country's minister of economy....

  • Javier Milei, a Bitcoin-friendly candidate, won Argentina's presidential run-off election with over 55% of the votes and a 3 million vote lead.
  • Milei has been critical of Argentina's central bank and its role in the country's inflation crisis.
  • He sees Bitcoin as a movement towards returning money to the private sector but has not indicated any plans to make it legal tender.
  • Sergio Massa, Milei's opponent, has different views and pledged to launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC) to address inflation.

The sentiment in the article is mixed. Javier Milei's victory is presented as a positive outcome for Bitcoin enthusiasts, but there is also mention of Argentina's inflation crisis, which suggests a negative sentiment towards the country's economic situation.

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