Is It Too Late to Buy eCash? XEC Price Becomes Best Performer and AI Web3 Utility Coin Secures $1.7 Million From Global Investors

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Crypto News

19 Sep 2023 2:25 PM

XEC Price Analysis: As eCash undertakes magnificent +!8% pump ahead of XEC roadmap on-chain staking upgrade, is it too late to buy eCash? ALSO: Final day to gain access to AI trading platform with 17% bonus....

  • The digital money project eCash (XEC) has experienced an 18% increase in value over the past 48 hours, driven by excitement for its On-Chain staking upgrade.
  • On-chain trading volumes for eCash have surged by 1,455% in the past 24 hours.
  • eCash is a prominent Bitcoin fork project and promises to be the first Bitcoin-linked project to offer On-Chain staking rewards.
  • The price of eCash is currently at $0.00002651, with a 24-hour change of +4.74%.
  • Technical analysis suggests that eCash's price is strengthening and may reach its 200-day moving average (DMA) level.
  • The RSI indicator shows bearish divergence, indicating a potential retracement or consolidation period, while the MACD shows minor bullish divergence.
  • Upside target for eCash is $0.000033, representing a potential +26.38% increase, while downside risk could see it fall to $0.0000235, a likely -10.27% decrease.
  • eCash carries a risk-reward ratio of 2.57, making it a potentially good entry point for buyers.

The sentiment towards eCash is generally positive, with excitement and interest in its On-Chain staking upgrade driving its recent price increase.

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