Is BlackRock Secretly Influencing Bitcoin Price? Here's the Truth.


19 Sep 2023 11:02 AM

Recent developments and expert analysis indicate that the Bitcoin price fluctuations may have hidden motives. While Bitcoin hovers around crucial levels,...

  • BlackRock may be strategically suppressing Bitcoin's price to accumulate more at a discount.
  • The SEC's recent leniency could indicate a more receptive stance towards cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin is facing resistance at $27,700, but if bullish momentum continues, it could reach $28,200.
  • The involvement of BlackRock and the SEC's role in the crypto market raise questions about hidden motives.

The article discusses the possibility of BlackRock manipulating Bitcoin's price and the SEC's potential role in favoring major players. The sentiment is mixed, with speculation about hidden motives and potential positive outcomes for Bitcoin.

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