IOTA Aims for a Comeback with Network Enhancements and Ecosystem Fund

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Crypto News

18 Sep 2023 6:00 PM

The once-prominent crypto project IOTA is planning a resurgence with a series of initiatives aimed at boosting network development and token value....

  • IOTA is planning a resurgence with initiatives to boost network development and token value.
  • IOTA 2.0 will introduce smart contracts, layer 2 blockchains, and DeFi applications.
  • A new ecosystem fund backed by the release of new MIOTA tokens will be introduced.
  • A hard fork named Stardust will lay the technical foundation for IOTA 2.0.
  • Smart contracts will be implemented through a general-purpose virtual machine.
  • The reputation system called Mana will enhance security and foster demand for applications.
  • An ecosystem fund will incentivize developers and teams to build on the network.
  • IOTA has established the Tangle Ecosystem Association and the IOTA DLT Foundation for support.

The article highlights positive developments and initiatives aimed at revitalizing IOTA and enhancing its network and token value.

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