Germany launches dog-themed NFTs to fetch cyber talent: Nifty Newsletter, June 21–28


28 Jun 2023 7:00 PM

The Immutable Games NFT trading card game Gods Unchained was made available on the Epic Games store, creating exposure to its 230 million customers. ...

  • The German foreign intelligence agency, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), launched a collection of dog-themed NFTs with an on-chain treasure hunt to recruit cyber talent.
  • Luxury fashion house Hermès successfully blocked sales of MetaBirkin NFTs in an infringement case.
  • The Faroe Islands released "crypto stamps," NFT stamps with a digital copy stored on the blockchain.
  • The United States Secret Service created an NFT collection to better understand how NFTs work and showcase their interest in the crypto ecosystem.
  • The NFT trading card game Gods Unchained was listed on the Epic Games Store, expanding its user base.

Overall, the sentiment in the article seems positive, highlighting various developments and achievements in the NFT space. However, there is a negative sentiment towards the artist Mason Rothschild in the Hermès infringement case.

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